Knits for Preemies: A Ravelry Roundup

If you've been hanging out on our Facebook page lately, or if you've stopped into the shop, I'm sure you've seen the knits for preemies projects we've got going on. One of our Knitwits heard about a need for hats for preemies at a local hospital, and the shop jumped on board to help. Preemies can sometimes be the "forgotten" babies, meaning we're all so used to the typical hub-bub of a "normal" pregnancy, where the baby gets to come home with his or her family right away. Mothers of preemies … [Continue reading...]

Must Watch Indie Dyers: A Ravelry Roundup

string theory caper sock yarn

Knitwits loves indie dyers, and that's no secret. The Unique Sheep, Frabjous Fibers, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co...these dyers just scratch the surface of the kind of thrill we get from finding an indie dyer whose passion for yarn is unmistakable. When you knit with an indie dyed yarn, you're knitting with something special. Not just any project will do for these yarns. These are the kinds of yarns you hold back until you find the exact right pattern that will showcase the colors perfectly. These … [Continue reading...]

All things Baby: A Ravelry Roundup

Spring is not that far away, which means it’s almost time to start thinking about cold winds moving on, grass greening up, flowers blooming and… for some (like me!)… babies arriving. I’ve got baby knits on the brain, so of course I had to put together a Ravelry Roundup. At the shop, you’ll notice we […]

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Easy Weekend Projects: A Ravelry Roundup

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! By now, you’ve had a chance to digest that delicious meal and you’re settling into the weekend. If you’ve ventured out to shop on Black Friday, I wish you luck (and safety!). Even if you don’t live in the States and celebrate Thanksgiving, to help you pass this weekend, I thought […]

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Knits for Pets: A Ravelry Roundup

With the weather turning cooler, it’s time to turn our attention to our furry buddies who still have to spend some time outside – and how we can help them stay a little warmer. I have a Pomeranian who has no shortage of fur, but he still sometimes gets chilled, especially this past winter when […]

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Thanksgiving at Home: A Ravelry Roundup

I have yet to cook a turkey. As in, a full size turkey. As in, a Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey. And, sadly, this year is another year where that milestone will go uncrossed. There’s always next year, right? In the meantime, I searched on Ravelry for some knits that would be fun to use on Thanksgiving […]

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Knit Cardigan Sweaters: A Ravelry Roundup

Fall weather is for cardigans. That’s just a fact of life. Something about the cool, crisp weather + a cozy cardigan feels right. The nights are getting cooler, and we’re moving into the season of pumpkins, apple cider and buckets of candy. So, of course, I went on a hunt for some cute knit cardigan […]

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Light Fingering and Lace Knit Shawls: A Ravelry Roundup

I have a bundle of gorgeous Unique Sheep fingering weight yarn that I’ve been holding for something special. I’m sure you do the same thing. You see a yarn you can’t live without, but you don’t exactly have a pattern in mind for it….you can’t help yourself, though, and you go ahead and add it […]

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