A cool knit cardigan: What’s on the needles

I’d had Thyone in my favorites list for ages. It’s a knit cardigan with an awesome slip stitch pattern.

It was one of those projects. The kind of project that sits in your list because you’re waiting for the perfect something – the perfect time to cast it on… the perfect yarn.

knit cardigan

My perfect yarn turned out to be the Shibui Baby Alpaca that had been sitting in my stash for ages. It’s so unbelievably soft and I had two colorways which made it perfect for this project. And the perfect time turned out to be a chilly night in February, when I was sick of the never-ending winter it seemed like we were trapped in and I was looking for something to take my mind off the next wave of snow flurries predicted in the forecast.

Unfortunately, this story is not a romance. Me and Thyone? Yeah, we didn’t get along. Don’t get along. Because it’s still on the needles. Hence why I’m writing about it for this feature. The knit cardigan of my nightmares.

Haha, not really. I’m being dramatic, but… well, keep reading and you’ll see.

knit cardigan

The cast on was really interesting. It was something I’d never worked before – a top down cardi with simultaneous set-in sleeves. A challenge! And the Shibui was a dream to knit with. And of course the slip stitch pattern that gives the interesting colorwork its look was a real treat. I finished the body over the course of a month or so, and then put my project on hold when our lives suddenly sped up triple time as we found ourselves closing on our newly built home and moving out of the apartment we’d rented for the last several months.

I didn’t pick Thyone back up until early June. It was time for the sleeves. They’d been hanging out on waste yarn since mid-March. Little did I know that while they were hanging out, they were crimping. And creasing. And generally misbehaving. I picked up the sleeve stitches on one of the sleeves, knit a few rows and was so upset to see a visible crease line. I couldn’t believe me eyes!

knit cardigan

“It will probably come out with blocking, right?? I mean, surely it isn’t ruined.” I was thinking about the time I’d put in so far (“OMG. All those mindless rows of knit, then purl back, then knit, then purl back….dear God, please tell me it wasn’t all for naught?!?!?!”), the yarn I’d spent money on and the people I’d bragged to that I was knitting this awesome cardigan. Pride comes before a creased row?

I tried a few different tricks to get the crease out – I ripped out and restarted that danged sleeve at least five times. And then I just threw in the towel. There was only so much I could do. And I didn’t want to risk knitting both sleeves and the crease not working out in blocking.

So. My Thyone isn’t destined to be a long sleeve cardigan. I turned my Thyone into a short sleeve cardigan by doing four rows of garter on each sleeve and binding off through the back loop. The sleeves sort of puff anyway because of the way they are set in, and now they are like cap sleeves which is okay. I imagine myself wearing this cardigan in the fall with a thin long sleeve tee under it. Which I would wear under it anyway, whether the cardigan was long sleeve or not so I guess this isn’t really a loss after all?

Now that the sleeve debacle is past me, it’s on to picking up the stitches along the front for the button band. I’ve been working on it here and there. It’s kind of boring, picking up stitches. Not to mention I’m still secretly pouting about the sleeves. I’ll get over it. But until then, I’ll pick up stitches here and there and maybe finish Thyone by the time next February rolls around and I’m wishing I had a short-sleeve-that-should-have-been-long-sleeved-cardigan.

What’s on your needles right now?